Your Success is our Business

Your customers exist in both a physical and digital world.

At THT Web Services we understand that. We have blended years of experience in internet services, technology and traditional marketing to help you reach your customers – no matter where they live.

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Social Media Optimization

Social media marketing has given businesses the opportunity to connect with their clients like never before. Whether you are building a community to support your customers or running a blog to keep the public informed, social media services can position your company at the forefront of this marketing opportunity.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter continue to evolve, and there are many ways a company can employ them to deliver a message, manage your reputation, or encourage brand loyalty. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you combine social media, SEO and other strategies to present the best image possible and help clients become a real part of your community.

Profile Management
We will create and assist you in managing a profile on multiple social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to connect with your target community. We can also help you develop a reputation on those sites as a valuable member of the community.
We provide the training and education needed to help you make the most of social media. We will help you understand the different ways you can take advantage of various social marketing venues and learn how to work closely with your community.
Content Development/Copywriting
A winning content strategy is extremely beneficial in a social media campaign. Social marketing requires strong content and our copywriters will help you write unique content that maintains a clear marketing message.
Blog Marketing
Both search engines and customers love blogs. You can provide your customers with news and tips while feeding the search engines fresh content. We can help you produce quality content on a regular basis that will attract visitors and links to your website.
We will discover which aspects of social media will connect with your community and draw the most traffic. Testing is the best way to find out what is working and what is not. These tests make it possible to fully optimize your social media campaign.
We believe in being completely transparent about our processes. As an integral part of our process, we provide a detailed account of your website’s key performance indicators so you can easily see how social media optimization is affecting your business.
Our Internet marketing solutions are all about creating relationships with your customers and measuring their response. Our capabilities include pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, Web site design, email campaigns and much more. You have to address both interactive channels and traditional avenues to reach your customers in today’s changing landscape. Our customers get both because we’re a hybrid offering the best in both interactive and traditional channels.